Our Business

Our group serves the varying needs of our clients through Ferrell Asset Management and AsianFamilyOffice.

Ferrell Asset Management

At Ferrell Asset Management, we provide Asset Management and Portfolio Advisory

Asset Management

Ferrell Bespoke Mandate
  • Total return approach considers client’s unique needs, risk appetite, investment time horizon and liquidity requirements.

  • Total portfolio risk management on capital preservation.

  • Structured and consistent investment approach with ongoing consultation with client.

  • Segregated account with transparent reporting.

  • Regular and ad-hoc portfolio review.

  • Direct access to portfolio specialist.

Ferrell Specialty Funds
  • Investment Committee selects both in-house as well as 3rd party fund managers through a rigorous process.

  • Open architecture selection process using both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  • Each fund is structured to provide specific investment strategy with its own risk & return profile.

  • Each fund has its own investment manager, investment guidelines and regular fund performance reports.

  • Each sub-fund is protected as a legal entity.

External Managers Fund
  • Access to “best-in-class” investment talents on a worldwide scale.

  • Rigorous and highly disciplined approach to identify and manage external fund managers.

  • We recognise that no single firm or fund manager can excel in the investment of every asset class.  Focus is on absolute rather than relative return.

  • High allocation to alternative investments.

Portfolio Advisory

Our portfolio consultants work with individual clients to develop and implement investment policy, risk analysis, asset allocation, 3rd party manager selection and active portfolio monitoring. In addition, we track portfolio performance with regular reviews with clients. Our open architecture platform allows us to see both internal and external investment solutions that is most suited to your needs.


At AsianFamilyOffice, together with our strategic partners, we will help you plan your succession needs. The first step in our process is understanding your mission, vision, values, and goals for your business and your family’s wealth.

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